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Janie Kyrish

Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Heritage

I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Atkins. I went to see Dr. Atkins with severe headaches on the left side of my nose. I underwent an operation where he removed some small bones that were pressing on a nerve. The surgery was very easy and my headaches were dramatically improved. Later, I decided to correct my deviated septum. Based on what I had read in the media about the operation, I was expecting some intense pain but was pleasantly surprised with the recovery and the results. I now breathe freely through both sides of my nose. What a feeling! I have recommended Dr. Atkins in the past and will continue to do so. He's the best!

Richard Oliver

Senior Writer/Columnist, San Antonio Express-News

After a lifetime of suffering with allergies, it was a true blessing to come across Dr. Atkins and his team. Thanks to their proactive and caring approach to my situation, I had surgery to repair problems with my sinuses and have begun treatment to suppress the allergy problems. The results have been extraordinary. As a journalist on an aggressive traveling schedule, it's a wonderful evolution to be able to breathe comfortably again.

Anissa Nicole Moor, M.Ed, BCBA

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

I was having multiple sinus infections over the past several years, and was starting to have some minor migraines as well. Dr. Atkins reviewed a recent CT scan and discovered that my lower sinuses were not working properly. I was hesitant to have sinus surgery, until Dr. Atkins discussed the balloon sinuplasty with me. I was excited to hear about the shorter recovery time, so I had the surgery in the Spring of 2009. I only missed one day of work, and by summertime, I was breathing better through my nose...and even foods were tasting better! I'm very pleased with the outcome.

Betty Jones

I was referred to Dr. Atkins bechase I had chronic sinus infections every few months and they always triggered migraines as well. I was a candidate for a surgery that Dr. Atkins had been training for, so he asked me to have the surgery, which I did, and it worked! I have had amazing results and I feel just great now. I have not had chronic sinus infections and the migraines have ceased. He is a great doctor. Patient, gentle, but what I like the most about him is that he takes time to explain things to me. His office is run very professionally, and I like that as well. I must also say that his assistant Monica is a wonderful person. She has been so attentive and caring that I could not have gotten through all of this without her attention to details and her communication between me and the doctor. Great team!

Jody, Kevin, and Holt Geistweidt

As a parent, when you know your baby, 9 months old then, is going to have surgery on something as important as his ears, your concern grows when choosing the right specialist. Dr. Atkins not only assured us within the first visit he was the one we would want to help Holt by his listening and explanations, but he and his nurses began a friendship with all of us, especially Holt, now almost 5 years old. Dr. Atkins and staff took the time to visit with Holt and just talk fun stuff with him every time we go for checkups or regular visits. Now Holt looks forward to seeing them, and actually asks to go to Dr. Atkins for everyday doctor needs. Not only are Holt's ears better, but he's finally comfortable with a physician and his office, and so are we, which makes life a lot easier! Thank You Dr. Atkins and Staff.

Catherine Maloy

For over 30 years I suffered with what I and other doctors thought were allergies. I tried every over-the-counter medication and prescription I could find to try to alleviate the recurrent sinus infections that always turned to bronchitis. Dr. Atkins, M.D., James Ferris, P.A., Kimberly, and the rest of the staff at the Boerne office have become my saviors. They discovered I did not have allergies, and after surgery for a badly deviated septum, I have been sinus infection- and bronchitis-free for over a year. I have a life now instead of an existence between bouts of illness. Thank you!

Patrice Davison

Besides now being able hear, Dr. Atkins and his wonderful staff have always made me feel welcome, and made me feel better! Thank you so much and keep up the good work, glad you are here in Boerne!

Kathy Roberts

Marketing Director

Having suffered through multiple sinus infections since I was in college, I never felt like the doctors I was seeing really knew what was causing my problem. When a friend suggested that I see Dr. Atkins, I was a bit skeptical. However, after a series of tests done right in his office he knew what was wrong and started me on a treatment plan of allergy drops combined with medicines. After surviving my first "high-pollen season" without a reaction, I knew that Dr. Atkins had found the solution to my sinus problems. What a refreshing change!