Dr. Atkins is actively involved in research on new technologies for treating sinus problems.

These research activities give him an opportunity to offer emerging technologies to his patients before they are released to other Otolaryngologists. Most of the research is focused on ways to improve traditional as well as balloon sinus surgery.

Recent research has pioneered:

  • FinESS, a balloon sinus surgery techniques which is now FDA approved and used to treat patients with chronic or recurrent sinusitis. Dr. Atkins was the first surgeon to ever perform one of these procedures.
  • Offering FinESS in the office when before it was only done in the operating room.
  • An absorbable stapler for closing tissue after septoplasty. This is also FDA approved and Dr. Atkins was again the first to perform this procedure.
  • An absorbable "tack" to help prevent scarring after sinus surgery. This device is pending FDA approval and Dr. Atkins was the first surgeon to use this device.

Recent medical publications/posters that Dr. Atkins helped author are below.