Controlling Inflammation in the Right Places

tsc_inflammationFor those that struggle with sinus problems the use of anti-histamines and other medications is a normal part of each day. Unfortunately, self treatments such as oral medications dispense the medicine throughout the entire body rather than specifically to the affected area. While they certainly help, you end up wasting the medication on areas that do not suffer from allergies such as your legs. The key to controlling sinus disease is controlling inflammation, and one option to do so is through the use of sinus medications delivered through a nebulizer directly into the nose and sinuses.

The nebulizer, is similar to what is used to treat asthma in the chest, and is a portable machine that places the medication directly into the nose. The medicine may be a steroid, an antibiotic, an anti-fungal, or an anti-histamine. Multiple medications can be used at one time. You simply place the medications inside the nebulizer and spray the mist into your nose for thirty seconds on each side. This can be done in addition to taking medications orally.

This inter-nasal, topical spray can be used in patients that have had surgery as well as those that have not had surgery. Sinus problems can be incredibly frustrating and the nebulizer has been the deciding point on whether a patient improves or not. There can be some complications, such as leg cramps or an upset stomach, but those cases are few and far between. If there are complications they usually disappear when the nebulizer is discontinued.

Patients have often tried several other treatments before using the nebulizer. Those who have tried oral or nasal anti-histamines, oral decongestants, nasal steroids and other similar remedies with no improvement are prime candidates. Symptoms including congestion, postnasal drainage, facial pain, and headaches make patients eager to try this method.

Regardless of the condition of the sinus problems, whether the patients require surgery or are just living with the irritation, they are often able to turn things around using this device.

Patients benefit from daily use of the nebulizer and we do frequent checks on all who are using one. Once a patient begins to show improvement, we try to wean them off of the treatment. Sometimes we are able to wean a patient completely off the medication. Other times we are able to wean them down to the least amount possible, such as every other day treatments. More medication is used at the beginning to get the inflammation under control, and once the problem is contained we decrease the amount significantly.

Sinus problems are more than just a nuisance, and sometimes the typical medicating techniques do not offer the relief needed. The nebulizer gives patients a concentrated dose of their medication exactly where they need it, greatly reducing inflammation by directly treating blocked passages in the sinus area of the face. For those that have tried every other method in vain, the nebulized medications can finally provide relief.

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