Medical Treatment

How is LPR treated?

  • Medications to reduce stomach acid
  • Diet modifications
  • Weight reduction
  • Surgery to prevent reflux (rarely needed)

Tips for reducing reflux and LPR

  • Do not smoke. Smoking will cause reflux.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes around the waist.
  • Avoid eating three hours prior to bedtime and avoid eating a large meal at night.
  • Weight loss; shedding a few pounds is often all that is required to prevent reflux.
  • Avoid caffeine, carbonated beverages, citrus beverages, alcoholic beverages, cheese, fried foods, eggs and chocolate.
  • For patients with more severe symptoms, it is helpful to sleep with the head of the bed elevated six inches.

Will I need LPR treatment forever?

With medication, most patients will begin to notice some relief in their symptoms in about 6 weeks. However, it is generally recommended that the medication be continued for several months. If the symptoms completely resolve, the medication can then begin to be tapered. Some people will be symptom free without the medication while other people may have relapses which require treatment again.

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