NeilMed's SinuSurf Additive Causes Loss of Sense of Smell

Those of you who have been patient of ours for a while know that we are big fans of nasal irrigation with saline. In particular we often recommend the NeilMed brand of irrigations. NeilMed recently came out with a new additive to put into their normal saline rinses called "SinuSurf" (Picture below).

We have not been recommending this additive, but some of our patients have purchased it on their own. One of our patients lost her ability to smell after using the additive. The company has pulled this product from their website. It may still be available in stores.

If you have purchased this product we recommend that you quit adding it to your saline rinses. If you happen to find it still available at the store do not purchase it.

If you have been using the product and not had any problem you will probably be fine, but should still discontinue its use.  The loss of smell seems to be rather soon after use and not a delayed type reaction.

We encourage you to continue use of all the other NeilMed products as they are specially balanced salt water without preservatives or latex. Only this particular additive was causing problems.

If you have any questions or concerns about the use of SinuSurf, please request an appointment or call one of our nurses at 830-816-3838.

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