Controlling Inflammation in the Right Places

tsc_inflammation.jpgFor those that struggle with sinus problems the use of anti-histamines and other medications is a normal part of each day. Unfortunately, self treatments such as oral medications dispense the medicine throughout the entire body rather than specifically to the affected area. While they certainly help, you end up wasting the medication on areas that do not suffer from allergies such as your legs.

The Trouble with Silent Reflux

tssc_gerd.gifMost people recognize when they have heartburn. The stomach acid, known as gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD), is hard to miss as it burns its way up your esophagus. However, a large number of people experience reflux at night when asleep. While asleep, acid from the stomach rolls into the back of the throat and sometimes into the back of the nose without a patient realizing it.

Snoring May Be A Health Risk As Well As A Nuisance

medium_snoring.gifSnoring is a common occurrence in the daily lives of many. We often hear stories of a significant other’s snores reverberating through the home – but what people do not realize is that snoring can be more than a social problem. Although it can certainly be an annoyance to family members, snoring can transition into a serious health risk that requires medical attention.

Choosing Over-the-Counter Allergy Medicines

medium_spring_allergies.jpgMany people welcome the colorful blossoms of spring. Our patients, however, experience the season from a different point of view: with their heads down. Pollen counts are through the roof this time of year. We can almost hear people who suffer from allergies quickening their pace to the drug store. Now is the perfect time to take a close look at over-the-counter allergy medicines.

How to Treat a Vitamin D Deficiency

medium_tssc_vit_d_part_3.gifThis is the third post in our three-part series on Vitamin D. In this post, we recap the important points of our first two posts and look at methods of treating a Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D Deficiency Part Two

medium_vitd.gifThe concerns associated with sun exposure have caused quite a stir. People are spending less time outdoors, and those who do partake in the summer rays lather themselves with layers of sunscreen. Although intentions may be good, people may be so anxious about protecting their skin that they neglect their body’s need for Vitamin D.

Vitamin D: The Sinus Relief Vitamin?

tssc_vitd_0.jpgVitamin D, commonly known as the “sunshine vitamin,” has been getting a lot of attention in recent years for its role in maintaining bone health and mood. What you may not know is that Vitamin D also helps control inflammation and can be beneficial for those suffering from chronic sinus problems. Let’s take a closer look at what Vitamin D is and how your body obtains it.

Predict your sinus headaches with Texas Sinus Center & Accuweather

Many of our sinus patients get headaches and facial pain when the weather changes. This is due to changes in barometric pressure. We are now monitoring a service Accuweather offers that predicts the likelihood of sinus headaches based on pending changes in the weather.

Deaths Linked to Nasal Irrigation with Tap Water

At the Texas Sinus Center we are big fans of using nasal rinses. Recently, though, there have been several deaths in Louisiana linked to doing nasal irrigations with tap water instead of distilled water like the instructions say.

Texas Sinus Center Joins Facebook

Just a quick word to let you know that we now have a Texas Sinus Center Facebook page.

We will be using Facebook as our primary way to share information with patients and friends. We believe our patients learn from us and we certainly learn from our patients; hopefully Facebook will help us exchange some of that knowledge.

Currently we do not have many postings, but we are adding content as our friends grow.